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Brexit Victory

Thurrock says "NO" to any more Europe.


The 23rd June Britain voted to out of the EU, it was our "independence day" declared Farage and Johnson. It is clear that the relentless influx of migration to the UK resonated in Thurrock's minds enough to say finally enough-is-enough. The years of struggling to get a GP appointment and school places for your children must end and controlling the numbers was clearly key to this. The money we send to Brussels paying for other countries roads and infrastructure just didn't seem fair right? So out we come and happy endings then right?
We are not at the end and sadly for the leave voters the very assertions made that may have swayed their vote are starting to unravel by the very politicians who peddled them just 36 hours after the result. In short Nigel and his associates having bagged victory are starting to come clean on their assertions that Thurrock clearly voted on. The 2 key promises were thus - "350 million extra Pounds a week to the NHS instead of Brussels"
This was clearly pronounced on the side of their big red bus. Now they are saying it's not likely going to happen. Farage himself said "it wasn't one of my adverts, I would never have made that claim" quietly dodging the fact that he also never made any noise to assert the fallacy of that statement pre-referendum and so in fact endorsing it indirectly.
"The reduction in the number of immigrants arriving from EU countries".
Chief "Leaver" and MEP Daniel Harmen quoted after the result saying "we never said that there would be a radical reduction in the level of immigration from EU countries, we simply said we would have a measure of control" the fact will be that the level of immigration will depend on the exit deal Britain can negotiate, and our position will be weak as their collective market dwarfs ours and good-will towards Britain will be at an all-time low; mostly to discourage other member states from thinking of leaving.
The assertions made before the referendum were clear and now they are backsliding, there is scarcely a single pro-leave politician who hasn't used the sentence "I never said that..." in their opening answer to any questions put to them.
The EU was not perfect but it is difficult now to not feel that we were sold a bag of lies by career politicians with an agenda. They lied to us and we voted on the basis of their lies.


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