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Coffee as a health drink?

Does it have any benefits other that keeping you awake?

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For years now coffee has been vilified as an unhealthy drink, everyone limits themselves a little, and we all know the feeling of having one to many during the day, the shaking, the light glaze of sweat on the brow, and of course the mistimed cup that leaves you with rampant insomnia. So we all switched to decaf and feel better if less awake in those crucial moments. But recent findings from the Harvard School of Public health are throwing up findings that show that there are clear health benefits from drinking 1 or 2 small cups of black coffee each day.
Firstly, the 2 years study involving over a 1000 subjects from different backgrounds found no evidence that regular coffee consumption has any influence on diseases of the heart or any forms of cancer, OK, so some of you never thought it did anyway; but it has been alleged and it is good to know its not a definitive causer. But we bet you didn't know that the finding also shows that regular coffee drinkers had significantly less incidents of developing de-generative brain issues (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia) in latter life by over 70 % and those who did seemed to develop it did so 4-5 years latter than the national average. On top of this the research showed the same sample tended to have lower than average occurrences of type 2 diabetes as well as cancers typical for men of that age group in Prostrate and the Bladder.
They are quick to point-out however that the sample they studied were all non-smokers, relatively healthy in that they were active or had lives that involved a level of activity recommended by doctors, but most importantly the coffee consumed was no more than 2 sometimes 3 small cups a day. They are continuing to study this but now looking at samples of people who's consumption is much higher, the health expectations are expected to be less beneficial.


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