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Deify the aging process?

One technique that is surprisingly common and even works a bit.


If you have a memory sufficient to go back a number of years, one of the more arresting memories you may still have knocking around is the sight of your mother wearing various bits of vegetation around her face, specifically her eyes. In my house it was usually thinly sliced cucumber but it could equally have been potatoes peel fashioned to cover the 3 to 9 o'clock portion of the area around the eye.
You will no doubt have been able to fathom, even back then that this was a practice done for cosmetic purposes but the burning issue is, did it, or does it actually work?
Well here's the thing, doctors are more and more expressing concern of the damage that over exposure to VDUs (computer screens to you and me) is doing. One major problem that has been proven is that it causes the user to blink considerably less, this damages the lubricational needs of the eye ball, also the repetitive eyes strain causes more lines and darkness around the eyeball. So getting back to the issue of potato and cucumber around the eyes. Does it work?
Sadly we can't report on some medically tested formula regarding this method and say how it does indeed delay signs of aging. What we can tell you though is that it clearly works in the short term. The natural nutrients being applied to the skins are clearly beneficial (but the key word here is temporarily) it clearly works all-be-it for a few hours and no more but doctors are still recommending this over expensive creams in fancy bottles.
What we can also report from a  medical point of view is that it's been shown that high levels of sodium in the blood are one of the biggest causes of aging in the skin (basically too much salt). This has become so problematic in other areas that the world health organisation is now strongly recommending you half the level of salt you take in daily (no more than 5 grams –or one level tea spoon a day). Do this and you may be able to abandon all other methods.


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