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Barking Park

Grays, it must be said, is not blessed with masses of park space, the Blackshots lane parks are the closest things to this, sure it has areas of tranquillity but we recommend you pay this park a visit for something a little different.

It's in Barking (not an area one thinks of to visit) but this park is based beside a very gentile and serene river, complete with bobbing swans and ducks looking for a free lunch, it's also considerably leafy on account of the large sycamore and oaks tress that line the various pathways, and within this park are a number of small cafes and vendors to grab a coffee while you watch the park life cruise by.

It's surprising to find this little oasis in Barking of all places, a town that, if we are honest, brings to mind urban squalor, grey concrete and noisy traffic as its principle features. But it’s there, pleasantly uncluttered and well worth a visit at only 15 mins drive away.

If you're in need of something more than a graceful walk around in then perhaps consider paying a visit to the Eastbury Manor House. This is a National Trust run property not 5 minutes' drive away from the park. It looks to be a pretty unassuming stately home, actually a little out of character with the surrounding residential streets; but it's definitely worth a visit due to its historic significance. It was where the legendary Guy Fawkes met up with his accomplices to plan and execute their plot to blow-up the Houses of Parliament. It was even thought to be where they stored the barrels of Gun powder before putting it on a small vessel on the nearby river to be sent up stream.

Postcode: IG11 8UF

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