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Botany and Joss bay

In a website devoted to Thurrock, Grays and Essex it is a pity that we can't write about places like this in our immediate area, but if you can bear the hour and 20 min drive you will get the feeling of the Mediterranean in a way you won't in Southend or maybe anywhere apart from the south coast. Fact is that Kent is home to some of the most beautiful bays in the UK and maybe even northern Europe. Just 80 mins drive from Grays town centre will put you in Broadstairs.
We recommend you target the Bays, Botany Bay or Joss Bay in particular. Basically you're heading towards Margate, far but not so bad considering what's waiting for you. We featured Margate here a few weeks ago, and these bays have many of the same geographical delights, handsome tall cliffs and rock faces, clear emerald blue waters, and amazing sandy beaches that would not be out of place in the Cayman islands (I'm speak from experience here). A few ground rules here. Ideally you'll need the weather for this location to feel any different from parts of Southend, secondly you need to be on-board with the fact that the water, though clean and inviting isn't going to be Mediterranean in temperature. Tick those 2 boxes and you are on course for a pretty cool day out on the beach.
What makes this location so perfect is that even on hot days the bulk of beach lovers will all be in Margate or Ramsgate, the surrounding area is clearly cut off from towns so this helps maintain this feeling of exclusivity. But what will make you come back after being here is that the sand is so recognisably how-a-beach-should-look and feel like, the pebbles of Southend just will not do it any more. Check it out while we are still having a summer.

Postcode: CT10 3LG (Botany Bay), CT10 3PG (Joss Bay)

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