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Britain, being an Island has plenty of beaches to choose from in the summer months, but it is also true that much of it is pebble or otherwise unapproachable from a leisure point of view. One thing we do very well in the UK is the day tripper seaside resort, of which Clacton could be said to be the original one in this regard. There is evidence that the first roman settlers were using this site back in 500 AD, Clacton is actually home to the first found spear or oldest dated spear ever found on these lands. So were the Romans on to something when they came here?
Its beaches are certainly very sandy and a pleasure to walk on or though the beach does tend to disappear completely at high tide! something that doesn't happen at Frinton 4 miles down the coast; but the waters are; while cold are remarkably clean so this combination makes for an agreeable position to take up. It is most famed these days for its pier which manages to be as tacky as Southend and Frinton but the simple fact is that kids love it, and as naff as it might seem I defy anyone to walk through it and not be slightly tempted or diverted by what they offer.
What the organisers have got right is that they keep half the pier an arcade and the last half open promenade that's clean, uncluttered and a pleasure to walk on. And for this it gains our eternal affection.
The town itself is of course less spruced up than the water front, nothing unusual there, but it manages to provide and sustain a good number of cafes and bistros that lends the town a touch of class (again something Southend struggles to achieve)
Overall it's a really good little place to pass a summer's day out but like Frinton; from Grays it's a long haul so be ready for a good hour and 20 mins drive and that's without the inevitable traffic jams that the hot weather brings out.

Postcode: CO15 1QX

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