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Dartford Crossing Viewpoint

If you drive from Thurrock to Kent via the Queen Elisabeth bridge you may have noticed a sign announcing "viewing point" we often wondered about it - So in a spirit of growing curiosity, went looking for it - several time actually as this space kept alluding us. It was heartbreaking and disappointing to discover this is a once picturesque patch of green overlooking the river and much of Thurrock from an elevated position just half a mile from the Bridges exit. We raise it here this week not so much as place to visit as a place to mourn. Why? Well the area was devastated by gypsies who took it upon themselves to camp out here singling the area out for their very particular treatment.
The area once encompassed green friends, paths and hedgerows and trees, all with the beautiful back drop of one of the world most famous rivers. Now it's just a dump.
Fingers crossed, now that the gypsies have all been moved on (doubtless to devastate another area of beauty) the council restore it to some level of usability because at present it's all just rubbish, barbed wire and concreate bollards left over from the social curiosity that is gypsies. Next week we will bring you an area worth visiting.

Postcode: DA2 6PD (Park on the road)

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