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Davy Down

If you're new to the area some places you would do well to discover and frequent quicker than others. The Riverside for instance for a quiet moment, Lakeside for shopping, Blackshots gym for sports purposes. Added to this list I would include Davy Down. We must concede to have a particular fondness for this park; it has an out-of-the-way secretive feel to it that is its great charm.
Its history is a long one. Back in the 17th Century this area was part of the local farmland owned by the well-to-do Davy family. The surrounding area was not farmed as it was regarded as too hilly (hence the name down-lands). But its original purpose was abandoned and it became common-land frequented by the local residents.
This is an area of park and woods that is well paved with an impressive viaduct dated from the 18th Century, the Mardyke river flowing through its heart and a dramatic pump house at its edge (the pump house, from the 18th century, still works incidentally) when it brought up water from the ground and today still provides local households with over a 1 million gallons of water a day). There are a number of benches and tables laid out where strollers are clearly encouraged to dwell (last time we were there though idiot dog walkers clearly and freely let their dogs befoul these areas so this is the one drawback) but it's a park that you will feel largely that you have to yourself and as the surrounding vistas are all trees and fields it can feel a long way from the traffic and concrete that typify much of Thurrock.

Postcode: RM16 5UL
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