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Dilkes Park

If you have small kids and find they are getting tired of the park facilities locally we wanted to suggest a different locality that they might appreciate.

Its not Disneyland or a million miles from what they already have; but the power of variety is a potent one in brightening ones day and having tried it with our youngsters and seen how much the change was appreciated we thought it smart to feature it here. In a way it's a shame this formate has not been replicated in our town park. What's nice is the inclusion of a mini man-made lake and place to feel, in a small way, that you are away from the children's apparatus. And what else they offer is more climbing oriented and so perhaps a little bit more engaging for the children's brains.

On top of this its set in a small network of green field that gives opportunity for a little exploration. Of course if you were feeling daring you could check out the forest area that boarders this town and that you will drive by on the way here, this is not that far from Davy Downs and so has that connection to the Davy Down past , which was of course a huge vista of farmland that was allowed to become forest, this is actually more rewarding if you are looking for local walking experience, but we will cover this in more detail another time.

Postcode: RM15 5LT

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