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Eastbury Manor House

This rather modest mansion is nestled down in the rather unlovely surroundings of Barking but manages to feel a world away from the noise, traffic and grey concrete of the town. It's a Brick built Tudor mansion dating back to 1573 and maintained by the National Trust. Reason we are featuring it here is because it's of historic significance and is so close to Grays town (15 min drive away). Its history is an unassuming one in that it was built by a wealthy merchant on land that used to host Barking Abbey and was uneventful until a certain Guy Fawkes turned up- planned and carried out (or tried to carry out) his famous assault on the Houses of Parliament. It was here he plotted with his accomplices and actually stored the Gunpowder to be used, by being transported on a small vessel on the nearby Thames to be carried up stream.
It's a pleasant and diverting place to pass an hour and inside are many wall paintings depicting the river life that existed throughout the centuries, also it has a rather pleasant if small garden that you are encouraged to stroll through.
It's not a place that will keep you for long (maybe 90 mins at most) but it's also very close to Barking park. This is a riverside park full of nodding leafy Sycamore and Oaks tress that line the walk ways offering a surprisingly country setting that is oddly neglected by the locals judging by our visit. Surprising to find such green tranquillity so close to the noise and pollution of Barking.

Postcode: IG11 9SN

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