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With the summer showing no sign of receding just yet we feature a stretch of beach that is famous in name but lesser visited than its neighbour Clacton. Frinton is of course famous for its beach and for the theatre that was started back in 1937, but today if you are going to Frinton it's because its sunny and you've heard that its nicer than Clacton, and certainly nicer than Southend.
Where Clacton and Southend seem to think that more is more, and so stack up the amusements and fish and chip shops, Frinton is a little more refined and goes more for the toned-down less-is-more approach. The beach is gloriously sandy, the waters appealingly crystal looking, and the people who come here would seem to be quiter, well-mannered and the type that would take the rubbish with them (not so common in Southend one suspects). For all its seaside appeal its nicely historic as well, it was the last place in the UK to be bombed by Hitler and the aforementioned theatre was started in the summer of 1937 as an additional attraction to the growing number of visitors seeking sun and sea. But this theatre became so popular and big that it was to become the starting point for many of the UK's best film and theatre stars (Gary Oldman, Vanessa Redgrave to name but two). It's not the closest day out from Grays (a good hour and 20 mins) and one could argue if you are going to drive that far wouldn't a beach in Kent be more appealing? All true but if you want a balance of a quite beach with the option of a tacky but fun seaside pier nearby than this is the pick for you.

Postcode: CO13 9DN

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