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Grays Town Park

We usually write articles on days out that necessitate a car, this week we write something for the person or family just arrived here and may not be totally acquainted with the area. So this week its nothing more ambitious than Grays Town Park. It's well used and perfectly proximate to the town centre it's like many other parks well-appointed in terms of an imaginative play area for children and a tennis court for the oldies. In our attempt to replicate American culture we of course a have a Basketball court, usually well used by youngsters wearing baggy vests sporting names of people Nike try to convince us are famous hear as well as in the NBA, but that's a digression, it's still a much merited green space in a town that needs it badly.
One feature of note that seems to be becoming more and more popular is the spring up of "gym machines" in these spaces. In a country that's suffering an obesity epidemic it is highly commendable that the council pays for the instalment of such apparatus. We should respond by using it.
If you are new to the area, or just very devoted to you couch we recommend a stroll through Grays park to appreciate that we can do green spaces a swell as we do concreate.

Postcode: RM17 6RB

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