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Pets Corner in Harlow

This place is a great way to experience animals without either paying a small fortune at the gates of a Zoo or feeling that twinge of guilt as watching lots of beautiful majestic creatures penned up and clearly depressed. True this is no Zoo or even a petting farm merely a just small petting corner of Harlow Park but we can't recommend this enough as a superb afternoon out. They have all the usual suspects you get at these sorts of thing (horses, sheep, chickens) but they also have a few exotic items which really are a surprise (huge Spiders, Snakes, Lizards, very peculiar looking fish the size of A4 paper) they even have Lama's or though they were depressingly dirty when we were there. But the whole place overwhelmingly has the air or a caring and unusual sort of petting corner that has you hardly able to believe that 1# it's actually here 2# that it's actually free. And as a bonus it's all part of a larger Park that is continuously being added to in terms of tiny little diversions and points of interest (small Pubs, Miniature Golf, lots fountains and lounging areas). Beyond that I won't give anything else away but it's all well worth the 20 odd mile drive there. The one thing to be aware of is that parking can be an issue. And also finding the actual pets-corner could have been made easier as the signage is not the best. But once there follow where the crowds seem to be streaming from and you will find the animal's corner.

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