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Herbert E Brooks Memorial Rest Gardens

The man and the garden.
Grays is blessed with a mighty world famous river and a scattering of green spaces to get away from it all. Indeed most doctors would probably agree that time outside in such places are excellent for managing stress and so likely to affect staving off more serious conditions. But sadly the big open green spaces tend to need driving to if you live in Grays.
On this site we try to cover them all. This week we wanted to focus on possibly the smallest maintained green space in Thurrock, maybe the smallest in Essex. It's the Herbert E Brooks Memorial Rest Gardens.
If you ever drive from Grays to Blackshots you would have likely to have passed it many many times. I have but have never thought to stop and investigate further.
Herbert was as far as we can tell a resident of Grays and a prominent public figure who, according to the Thurrock council website, held office as amongst other things "Director of the APCM, Deputy lord lieutenant, JP, chair of the Grays Town Council" they decline to elaborate on what he actually achieved whilst holding these positons or even what many of the positions actually mean - "JP" anyone know? But never mind, the purpose here is to point to a spot, however small, of beauty and tranquillity of which Herbert's garden can be said to have in a certain measure. Perhaps more interestingly is the recent addition of a Holocaust memorial in the garden lending the area a sense of purpose or focus to any quiet reflection that you care to take whist there. One thing we can attest to this area, whilst pleasant is rather under used in our judgment and we encourage more passers-by to utilise this space for its intended purpose.

Postcode: RM17 5UL

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