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Holland-on-Sea beach

In this heatwave could you find or name a nice beach without hundreds of other people camped on it.

With the weather being so kindly to us these days its little surprise that most of the towns drain their populations to some extent come the weekend. Merely driving to any bit of coast at almost any time between 9am to 3pm on a weekend is a positively masochistic experience. So is it any wonder that when you do eventually arrive and eventually find a parking space you are confronted with a sea of people as well as ocean?
Head to Frinton or Clacton and that will most certainly be the case. So here's a thought, try seeking out this beach, Holland Beach. It's about 10 mins from Walton-on-Naze and is head and shoulders the best beach in the area and yet strangely neglected by visitors, when we reported on this the sun was out and the temperature up and yet the number of people on the beach itself could be counted quite easily. We are not saying it's always like that but with the lack of commercial squalor there to provide ice creams, drinks and all the other demands that are so popular; could be the reason.
There's no shopping or amusement but what you do get is a long sandy beach, a large grassy car park a discreet distance back from the beach, you get a long promenade that does actually have a small shop in the distance if you really can't live without refreshment, and you get no audio disturbances of screaming- shouting, traffic or other peoples music blaring, it's a little miracle for Essex really. But it comes as one of the most recommended beach visits we can think of.

Postcode: CO15 5TX (Holland Haven Country Park - you have to pay for parking) More information:

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