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What's a good alternative to go to Langdon Hills Westley Heights?

Tired of the same green experiences in Grays? Langdon Hills Westley Heights is maybe no longer satisfying even for the dog? Then check out this . . .

Jeskyns is a curious park like expanse to find just the other side of the queen Elisabeth Bridge. It's curious in that you would never guess that such a vast expanse of park exists without you happening up-on it before but sure enough 10 minutes' drive from getting off the bridge there it is. It's not a park so much as more a network of walk ways going through a park. It's clearly park like in its vistas but much of it you are clearly not invited to tramp through. Langdon Hills Westley Heights does much the same function but is a little bit more forest like in its set up, and also far too crowded these days. Jeskyn is flatter bigger and scattered with little surprises, like small play areas for children and viewing platforms for bird watches.

Its home to a broad number of wild life including the south-east's native Snake; the adder, you'd be lucky to happen upon this though being notoriously shy, more likely you will see some of the amazing birds nesting in the area like the ospreys and night jars, also there are many otters nested close to the watered areas.
The park is very flat which makes it popular with cyclist. The forestry commission of the UK actually merits this park as having the "best off road cycle track in the country". We didn't try this out but from the looks of the area we can recommend.

As you enter the park the car parking area is generous and it's easy to find a space. As you enter the park you're greeted by a very agreeable café dispensing a much needed range of coffees and ice creams. Also you are greeted with a map board advising routes to take as you proceed. Jeskyns is a super find and nice alternative to Thurrock's Langdon hills area, this place is more like a golf course but without the burden of clubs and balls to get in the way. It is perhaps a little under equipped for children, we would like to have seen more play areas as it is big and so you go many many minutes without encountering anything very diverting, but ultimately the golf course analogy runs strong here, perhaps more a ramblers park than a children's one but it's still is a very pleasant outdoors experience and you don't need to do a tank of petrol to get there and back.

Postcode: DA12 3AN, Henhurst Road, Cobham

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