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Kent hills

The comedian and impressionist Rory Bremner is at present airing his travel series “Great British views” a kind of daytime TV light weight travel log of Britain, clearly it’s a bid to diversify, however it occurs to us while watching this that many of the amazing and grand sights he travels to are equalled by a national trust network of footpaths and rambler walk ways in Kent just 25 minutes’ drive away from Grays town centre.
To walk these paths you do have to be fit, up for it and enjoy the outdoors but we feature it here as it is a worthy day out if you can tick the above boxes. You will likely start out at quite but snug car park at the beginning of all the trails, and basically you just pick a trail based on the map set out in said car park, and off you go. The walk ways will without doubt present you with any number of stunning views from lofty green hills to flat manicured fields that may or may not be farm land. But whist walking you will also skirt through tiny villages which is handy if you need refreshing, if you want to take a short cut there’re plenty to be found if you had the presence of mind to print off your own map.
However you go at it what you will be staggered by; firstly how beautiful it all is and secondly why you didn’t know about this before, the other thing that might occur to you is how unfit you’ve become, this is not entirely your fault as the walks are all quite long (around 5 miles) and so quite challenging. We can highly recommend but just pack for a demanding day out.

Postcode: TN16 1QG - Toys Hill car park on Chart Lane, Brasted, Nr Westerham
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