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Kew Gardens

What's the most famous gardens you can think of? Probably this one.
Kew Gardens in Richmond park is we concede hardly a local feature, but we reckon that everyone enjoys a day out from time to time and it's not like you're driving to Southampton to get there. . . it's just an hour away.
There aren't many gardens that spring to mind that could get away with charging an ambitious £15 entry (per head for adults) but Kew's brand-name is such that it can do this and people will still line-up around the street to get in. so why ? Well the short answer is this is a fabulous park concept filled with beautifully manicured plant life growing in a controlled environment. Consider it a kind of Zoo for plants as you have the tropical plant house, and specimens from almost every country in the world and all laid out in a way that is a true pleasure to stroll around, Kew seems to have also realised that they need to be more than a big open-air flower show, so they've have constructed a now famous Pogoda for visitors to climb, itself a wonder to look at. There are 253 steps between you and the most stunning panoramic views of Richmond. If you can't manage the steps there is a land train to get you around so you don't miss anything at ground level. There is also the rather splendid Kew Palace, former home to some rather rich and worldly types that used to run this park and within they include a kind of gallery devoted to the plant life in the surrounding areas. There is of course a tipped hat to the scientific dimension that this prolonged study of botanical life revolved around but ultimately what you're there for is a day surrounded by the most splendid park life. £15 per head might seem steep at the door but you'll have forgotten about that within 20 mins in this superb environment.

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