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Kingsgate Bay

Cornwall in Kent
The best beach you can drive to in an hour

Summer means beach for many people, even on cooler cloudier days this doesn't deter the English beach lover the way it will on the continent. Our relationship with the sea is long and so pronounced that we have the BBC documentary series "Coast"... you will notice we don't have a series called "Mountain" or "River". A few weeks ago we endeavoured to highlight a part of Kent within striking distance of Grays that hosts some of the finest beaches in the UK. This week we want to focus your attention on one that is possibly the standout location from that bunch... this one, Kingsgate Bay.

Its first and most startling fact is how its able to stay so deserted? This it seems is due to the fact that it neighbours a perfectly fine beach that has lots of free parking and hosts a burger cafe. Never forget most people favour conveniences over beauty. But if you take the time to inconvenience yourself for a few hours you'll get a huge stretch of beach overlooked by a gothic looking castle and a vista of rock formation that could easily come from Cornwall or the south coast of Naples.
Of course a quick dip in the sea will quickly remind you that you are indeed nowhere near the Mediterranean but that's fine, it is at least crystal blue and clear if not terrible accommodating. Finally let's not forget the quality of the sand. We pointed out last time how the appeal of pebble beaches baffles us (we suspect its something most people hate but put-up with)... but why should you. The sand here is as should be and this alone affords it our devotion.

Postcode: CT10 3QL (park on Botany Bay)

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