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Mill Wood

Chafford Gorge's network of walks is Chaffords hidden secret. Drive past Sainsbury in Chafford and you are surrounded by a sense of being in that endless cement environment that defines the "new estate", a depressing succession of box houses all indistinguishable from each other (one wonders how their owners find their way back to the right one each night) but it's simply how Essex is these days. What's unique, beautiful and delightful to explore is, of course, Chafford gorges. Chafford's one redeeming bit of beauty that is kind of unique to Thurrock. What's so splendid about these gorges is the way they are at once so vast and yet so well hidden and discreteat the same time making them feel quite intimate. We have covered these gorges quite extensively on this website but today cast a light on a walkway that is characteristically tucked away and also worth knowing about.
Head to this post code and park up by the playground for a more sublet and less dramatic experience of the gorges but no less tranquil. It's a wood walk essentially that leads down to Chafford station but its firstly quite well hidden in terms of entering, really a simply footpath sign denoting the way that's easily missed. As you descend slowly you get a broad view of Chafford, the Queen Elisabeth bridge and a bit of Grays, how pleasant this is is of course a bit of a debate, but it is always a novelty to look over a panoramic view of ones home town. Even if the view doesn't do it for you then the seclusion and greenery of the woods is still very agreeable space and for this reason we recommend taking amble to explore.

Chafford Gorges Nature Park map
Postcode: RM16 6YR

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