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Royal Albert Hall

Each week we try to feature something that is close, accessible and engaging, but every now and then we think it fun to try and dangle something to you that might make you try and take a chance.
This week we wanted to feature something a little more off the wall so to speak.
The Royal Albert hall opened in 1861 (so it's older than the old Wembley stadium that's long since gone) and has been host to every musician and artist of note in the last 100 years. It is every bit of history-on-going. You probably know this even if you have never walked through it perfectly manicured corridors or drunk in their superb wine bars. But have you ever seen an Opera? This is what most people run a mile from. But here's the thing, now opera experienced on TV is awful and truly off putting, we all know this; but in the theatre it very very different experience.
The perform we experienced was Puccini's Madam Butterfly, one of the more famous ones and of course with its signature track, "one fine day", which has graced most perfume adverts at some point in time ensures there is some familiarity with the musical content.
We aren't here to sell you opera, but merely to point out that in a theatre you do come to realise that opera is more a theatrical experience than a musical one and viewed in this way does open you up to the concept. Failing that just find any gig at the Royal Albert you fancy and experience it once in your lifetime. There is no better place to be in for a live experience. Why? This venue seems to specialise in making you feel life you are a royal guest as there are no ques (even when there are they moving and gone in seconds) and everything from the Chairs to the lighting seems to have been done with your needs in mind. Be warned this is not a cheap experience but on the other hand even the best seats are no more than a tank of petrol.

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