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Royal Observatory and The Greenwich Meridian Line

Grays, for all its charm is never going to be Greenwich for culture and aesthetic, but that’s fine because most places aren’t, but what Grays IS is a lot closer to Greenwich that most people think, on a quite Sunday its 35 minutes in the car, probably less if you set out nice and early. It’s a charming town for sure but what we recommend is to target the Royal Observatory for a short but very enriching museum experience regarding space and all things to do with planet and space exploration.
Its small but this is actually its charm in that you can get the full experience in roughly 40 mins and it’s never overwhelming in terms of information. There is a choice to view various films cinematically on space related subjects but this is chargeable and so obviously optional. Another small but rewarding experience is to have your picture taken on the Greenwich Meridian Line. The international line that marks out the Greenwich Mean Time that essentially runs (notionally) from the North to South Pole. You will also be treated to one of the finest views in London as you stand overlooking the whole of Greenwich Park and can view Canary Wharf’s increasing number of Skyscrapers, and if you squint into the distance can see other land marks including the Wembley stadium Arch. This must rank as one of the most picturesque parks in the country (of course it’s all just opinion) but its blend of history and beauty and the fact it’s just 35 mins drive from Grays town centre makes it a must visit.

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