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The Science Museum

Looking for an idea to pass a chilly winter’s day out somewhere different? The London Science museum is not as far away as you may think from Grays town centre. Put this postcode (SW7 2DD) into your satnav and you might be surprised how close it actually is. Of course it’s only that fast on a Sunday if you are driving (every other day will be chaos). Parking in London on Sundays is free and don’t forget with museum access is also free- so it’s a cheap day out as well. It takes roughly 45 to 50- mins on a Sunday (by car). If you’re really committed to the train then it’s more like an hour and half but if you’re taking the kids don’t forget they love the novelty of train travel compared to the car.

So is it any good? Well I defy anybody not to be smitten by the creative complexity of ideas on display in this place. It’s a total gold mine of imagination, education and fun. Kids and adults of all ages should find something here that will captivate them, whether its actual trains from the last 2 centuries, real planes hanging from the ceiling or the many display cases revealing something arresting and fascinating.

Maybe you think this will be a bit of a “boy’s zone” and not interesting for the girls? Again the museum seems to be aware of this trap and so the displays and information is all set up to be as inclusive and attractive as they can make it for all. They have a leaning and play area for smaller children to interact with; a whole level devoted to the evolution of medical practices, and for the dreamers, a space section with life size Apollo spaceship models. If you need a diversion for the kids and yourself it’s worth visiting this museum for a day-out that leaves an impression on you for some time afterwards.

Postcode: SW7 2DD

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