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St. Clement's Walk

St. Clement's Walk A stretch of river away from the norm in Grays.
Any time of day walking along the river you catch sight of someone chilling out and getting away from it all on the river, no doubt about it that the therapeutic effects of river watching are an effective pacifier. Would it not be nice to be aware of other local stretches of river for purposes of variety? We found just this, and its seems relativity unheard of judging by the number of people we encountered.

St Clements walk is so-called after the church that marks the paths start. You will need a car but its no further than 5 mins drive away. Just head towards the industrial area in the direction of Purfleet on London road and turn left at the roundabout that takes you in the direction of Lakeside.

You park by the church and head on to the marked footpath, after a few minutes you'll emerge on to the river-front and several miles of path that is almost deserted, it clearly doesn't stay this way all the time given the amount of graffiti and dank discarded rubbish of the half eaten hamburger type, but this is Thurrock don't forget, path strewn trash is; sadly; our speciality. But try to look past this and you get a wonderful vista and total solitude, walk far enough and you come to Thurrock's lighthouse (bet you didn't know we had one of those !) its not the most towering eminence and it is some hundred-odd yards out into the river but it is satisfying to reach it and know you have this all to yourself and you also get a view of the Queen Elizabeth bridge that you may not have experienced before.

Don't be put off by the need for a car to visit this stretch of river, its really worth the visit and you might be surprised how into boats you find yourself becoming, they seem to exists in a heightened abundance here than in the Grays stretch. There's still a few sunny days left in 2014 so its worth a look if you are in for a change of scene without driving miles.

Postcode: RM20 4AL

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