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Part of the national trusts job is to preserve history, doubtless this is achieved quite well but if they can throw in a diverting day-out in to the bargain that's even better.
Standen house is, I'm afraid, a bit of a hike to any passing visitors but we feature it here in the spirit of the, nice to see if you're passing, kind of frame.(that's because it will take you through Kent and into West Sussex, RH19 4NE) but what to expect when you get there?
Well as usual with national trust houses you'll have a stately and imposing house previously owned by some well to do industrialist, in this case a famous legal mind from the 1900's called James Beale, the house was designed by Philip Webb who chummed around with the famous William Morris an also famous individual who was a writer and more or less pioneered interior design and inventing the concept of wall paper.
From this perspective the house is a homage to some of the first examples to modern interior design. When you are done with this the gardens and a good cafe await you.
If you are an architect student or enthusiast then this house will be of interest as it was build by Philip Webb, designer of some of the most distinguished houses and churches in England who is known as the father of 19th century architecture.

Postcode: RH19 4NE
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