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Stapleford Aerodrome

Grays from above. A cool day out if you have the money.
We have tried to find new and different things to do in Grays and areas proximate to Grays in order to help getting the Grays residents off the couch, this week we thought we would try something a little different. Looking at Grays from 1600 feet up. We've looked into novel and different hobbies to try and considered flying lessons to be something that should be on everyone's bucket list, first as a means of seeing just how much fun it would be, and second to show you what your humble little town looks like from a great height. Doubtless most people know someone who has done a flying lesson, it's not uncommon these days. It works in quite a customer oriented revolving door manner. You drive to; in this case Stapleford Aerodrome, check in at reception, meet your piolet/instructor, they then walk you to your bird and spend 10 mins talking you through the planes primary functions, dials and any bits that need to move and then hey presto you're away. It's actually easier than it looks to fly, basically similar in principle to driving a car but of course in flying it's the taking off, landing and dealing with any problems that you are really training/learning to cope with when you take formal lessons. So not to be taken lightly as a mistake means severe injury or worse.
At Stapleford they rather kindly like to take you over your home town so we didn't need to request this. But seeing the river, the queen Elizabeth Bridge and all the other topographical features that you know so well from such a height is the thrill that doesn't go away for the duration of your trip, and of course comes very highly recommend to you from us. Basically you won't do anything nearly as thrilling all year. We recommend but advice this is not a cheap afternoon out at £100 for half an hour, on the other hand its costs more than that to take a family of 4 into London Zoo.

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