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The riverside walk of Dartford

A walk on the other-side.
A few weeks ago we wrote about the allusive "viewing point" that invisible landmark that the queen Elisabeth bridge signposts and has you wondering (some of you wondering?) where it is everytime you cross the bridge. It was all rather disappointing when you actually find but in that article we mentioned a point on the Thames that was nice to visit and walk along. This week we wanted to revisit this space and write about just a little more details as it is a spot of beauty, tranquillity and clearly known to only a few given how deserted it was.

Ask anyone in any country to name five rivers of world fame and they will invariably name the Thames in the first 3 they list. In short you live next to one of the most famous landmarks in the world, no bad thing, so in this spirit we thought it our duty to open doors to allow you to experience this space from as many points as possible.
Drive to this post code XXX and park up. As you boarder the river you are gifted with a fine panoramic view of the Thames and your town as seen from Kent. Kent boasts itself the Garden of England, and from this point it is a boast that seems to have some merit. The river as viewed from that side really seems to encompass more green and less kebab wrappers than our dear on Grays does. We recommend walking alongside this river for as long as you can manage; sadly the walk won't take you under the bridge, something we think they should amend now as this is one of the great engineering achievements of the area, shame not to get a close up look at it. But no matter, the walk in either direction gives you a picture perfect view of the countryside (all be it at some distance) and the choppy river with boats that seem bigger when viewed from this side. What's arresting is how much nicer Grays looks at riverside distance, one wonders if the resident of Kent don't look out at us and wonder what a nice place it must be to live.

Postcode: DA9 9AY

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