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Thorndon Country Park

Another woodland adventure that's a tiny distance from Grays

Thorndon Country Park is a short drive (20 mins) from Grays center, as you pull up to it and pay your rather excessive parking fee it has the promise of being a fair woodland walk experience, there is a kindly reception visitor center with friendly and knowledgeable staff about the surrounding areas, it has a cheap but amiable cafe and the surrounding forest has promise in that it is open and breezey but also canaped by lofty trees. You can purchase a map at 50p (which we thought a trifle mean to charge you) but as you set out it proves most charming. You can print the map from our website.

Firstly the grounds are nicely top soiled so to have the effect of being very spongey but not muddy, this makes walking very soft and agreeable underfoot. If you follow the various trails outlined on the map it will present you with interminable moments of astonishing views of Essex in a way that has you staggered to thing that this is where you live. Indeed its places like this that really help to remind you that Essex isn't all concreted new-towns, pound-lands and betting shops.

The woods are also very hilly so this can add an element of challenge to any walk you undertake but its all done under the canape jungle effect of the trees and while you will encounter many paths with streaking mountain bike riders flying by you generally get the space all to yourself, another rarity in Essex.

Ultimately its a woodland space and there are many of those in this county but it must be emphasized that there is something inescapably desirable about walking in canape shade in the woods on your own after a day spent at say... the hell of Lakeside. Its full of lakes, genial streams, livestock strolling around and not to be neglected.

Thorndon Country Park map
Thorndon Country Park map (pdf)

CM13 3RZ (Thorndon North, £2 per 1 hour)
CM13 3LW (Thorndon South, £2 per 1 hour)
CM13 3FD (Free parking - Childerditch Ln)

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