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Thurrock Thameside Nature Park

This nature centre has the look and feel of only just opening as everything appears brand new but its been established for some time already, its a must for anyone looking to engage with nature and the local bird life that inhabits the Thames estuary.
There are stunning views from the roof, and they kindly supply a fixed telescope (free we were happy to discover) so you can spy on the passing shipping traffic. The path leading closer to river is neat as are the surrounding grasslands and as you walk they kindly provide small signs detailing the other wildlife you are likely to encounter (which includes the venomous “Adder” snake, a discovery that for sure keeps you from straying from the path. 

This park is free and hosts the most stunning views and scenery in Essex, wait for a clear day and go. Its 15 mins away from Grays centre.

Postcode: SS17 0RN 

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