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Warren Gorge

Warren Gorge Chafford's largest and most accommodating gorge.
Next to lakeside and the busy A-Road network surrounding it is a rising eminence of chalk cliff that seldom gets noticed by any of the passing drivers, behind this lies a network of gorges and nature reserves that offers a contrast of environment to lakeside that is quite startling to consider. Most devoted shoppers keen for their next retail fix will never venture that far away from a shop but it's a crying shame as this environment is the most dramatic and tranquil in Thurrock. What's truly arresting is how different it is from Grays and Chafford, and yet also how very close it is. When you explore this environment you can't help but think this is surly not the Thurrock you live in.

This week we cast an eye on Warren Gorge, it's the largest and most accommodating to wander around as it most resembles a park compared to the other gorges and the administrators have kindly laid out picnicking benches and tables at discreet intervals to encourage you to linger by the lake's edge.The area dates back over 200 years to the 18th Century when it was used as a chalk query and even had a train that went right through this area (albeit a small one) which was used to transport the chalk away for industrial purposes. But really who is that bothered about the history when you have a space that is as alluring as this? it's well managed as its always clean and peaceful and it even has visitor centre that overlooks the gorge, it has easy access, good parking (free) a rather quaint little shop, and a café with a superbly decked seating area overlooking the gorge which must be awesome to relax on and take a beverage in the summer at sunset.
We highlight it here as it is one of the marvels of the area and just astonishing how neglected it is in favour of shopping.

Chafford Gorges Nature Park map

Postcode: RM16 6RW (Chafford Gorges Visitors Centre)

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