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Wouldham Cliffs

The most amazing little footpath in Thurrock

Thurrock is not a place to rival much of, say the Kent coast, in terms of scenery and vistas but we try to shine a light on little gems that may have passed your notice as you doubtless manage the rush of daily life. Wouldham cliffs an eminence you have driven past perhaps hundreds of time in the last year alone but it hostes the most amazing little footpath you have ever seen. It is, in essence; just a foot path, nothing novel about that, Grays is full of them but this path has the gem of running along the top of Wouldham cliffs in Chafford. The view is perhaps the highest view point in Chafford and allows you to see Grays the Thames and even the top part of Kent. It also gives you a certain degree of solitude as well as this pathway seems to be derelict apart from the very occasional dog-walker. Its too bad that the road runs along side it as well as the constant vrroom noise reminds you you are still in a modern estate concrete.

The path runs for a over a mile starting at the tiny shopping district next to All Saints church and Busy Bees nursery and of course a clutter of box houses but goes from here all the way down past Lions gorge (a place to visit on its own on a pleasant spring morning) and then you get some steps slowly descending down to the main road (not a place to linger and we recommend tuning back rather than going down the steps. But it is (as path ways go) a stunning setting to take a walk and admire the Thames and the activity that still goes on in it. You may also reflect that some of the houses backed up on to it get this view all year round! A fact that is likely to endues a certain amount of envy or admiration.

Chafford Gorges Nature Park map

Postcode: RM16 6RW (All Saints Church) or RM16 6RY (Merlin Cl) or walk from Lions Gorge via stairs (51.483690/0.303861, Devonshire rd)

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