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Golf – the game for snobs and old men?

Before Tiger Woods the most Rock n Roll factor in golf was the American John Daly, big hitting and big drinking.

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Before this it seemed to be populated by old men and people who appeared to be so boring is it any wonder how they got so good. But since Tiger Woods rise to fame it has taken on a global popularity that rivals every-other sport with the exception of football.
Since Poland started to become richer, or should that be since Poland got a bigger rich and poor divide, the number of players has risen a 100 times and courses are springing up all the time, there are currently over 3.5 thousand players registered at amateur status meaning they are pushing to turn professional soon. And is it any surprise when tournaments regularly have price money in the millions. But this is besides the point we are making here.
Golf is very good for you, fact, now of course the are always stories of men dropping dead of heart attach due the pressure and stress of the game but when your doctor advises you to relax more and consider taking up golf he is doing so so you effectively get off the couch more and take some exercise. Here's a fact, when you go to strike a ball whist playing golf you are using approximately 124 different muscles, when you play 18 holes on an average size golf course you are walking roughly between 5 and 6 miles in total, not to mention the workout of carrying that bag of clubs, its actually estimated by the British medical board that the average calorie burn for 18 holes is over 1200 calories, (roughly the same as jogging for 2 hours).
With this in mind it a good idea to looking at membership of your local course; especially if you've noticed that these days it takes you a little longer to mount a flight of stair than it used to.


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