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Holidays, breaks and heart attacks

Nearly every think tank and university in the world is or has carried out research into the link between work, holidays, stress levels and heart disease.

holidays for health

The findings in most cases, are hardly surprising, the longer and harder you work, the sooner you keel over dead? But there has been some interesting supplementary discoveries concluded. Of course the logic of the more you go away is more important than the length of time you are away looms as relevant as it ever was, but in the course of the "Framingham Heart Study" (one of the longest studies ever carried out over such topics) pointed out that stress levels can actually increase, or at least fluctuate widely when on holiday. So why? The biggest issue was the traveling itself. (anyone with any contact with Ryan Air will understand this) another factor is that more and more people are taking work with them (Lap tops and Smart phones etc) and finally there are holidays stresses that have always been present but becoming more pronounced; the famous "double booking" at the airport and hotels, fighting to get a table for a favoured restaurant. 
Ultimately it remains true that people that take regular breaks are healthier, happier and live longer by over 20% according to this study. but one of the factors that this study highlighted which is without question overlooked by most people is the therapeutic contribution of the weeks leading up to a holiday? The anticipation of a break was actually found to be more contributing to lowering blood pressure than actually going. What this shows is that it is not always the action of pleasure that is most satisfying but the anticipation and speculation of the pleasure to be had that you will benefit from the most. In this sense the study estimated that 1 week's break covered a period of up to 11 weeks happiness.


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