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Honey and its industry

You've all heard the term honey is "winters gold" due to its medicinal qualities, get a cold take honey and warm water... it's the same with so many other ailments.


But consider how much activity is needed to make honey and it really can be seen as precious as gold. Fact: it takes a nest of Bees over 4 million flower visits to make just 1 kilo of honey. Fact 1 Bee in its entire life of frantic flying will on average produce just 1 teaspoon of honey. And throw into the bargain the pollination that's leads to our oxygen you may start to think twice before swatting one.
In tribute to this amazing creature and the industry it generates we exhibit a variety of honey labels from around the globe. The humbler bee in effect supports all these companies that doubtless employ millions of people globally.
Just something to think about.







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