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More people suffer from it than you might think. But how can you manage it?

Insomnia can strike any one at any age but there are factors that contribute to this condition that it will help you to be aware of.
You might think it's simply people who are overstressed and then try sleeping who suffer, that's true some of the time but not all. A recent government health survey found that nearly half all people between 30 – 60 suffer from it at some stage.
How can you tackle it ? well the evidence is pointing to managing the small things right. Things like room temperature has been spotted as a contributing factor. We all experience that in summer when the room even at 3 am feels like an oven.
Diet is of course another striking factor, the number of people who ingest caffeine, sugary foods and even rich fruits within 3 hours of going to sleep are noted as one of the biggest causes of insomnia, more so than the stress factor.
Research seems to be going on worldwide on this issue which is in itself interesting as it indicates that this is a problem of significance in every county and culture there is.
Crucial points being made in the research across the board are things like the importance of eating more – Chicken, pasta and rice. These are rich in carbs which, while not popular for the dieters out there, help better regulate the body's energy distribution and help avoids spikes of energy that lead to moments of hyper-ness and moments of extreme fatigue.
Doctors recommend keeping a diary of your sleep / insomnia levels and try to monitor what you were doing, eating and drinking on the different days. It's been successful in the past for spotting patterns that are the cause of any problems.
One bit of advice all doctors seem to always bestow who we asked was; only actually go to your bed when you feel tired, and if after a 40 – 45 mins you are not asleep then get up, get away from the bedroom and do something relaxing liking reading. Always keep lights low or off and drink a warn drink (not tea or coffee though).
For the hard cord insomniac it really is time to simply go to the doctor and get referred to a sleep clinic as it is shown to be a condition that usually last years unless treated.


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