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Looking older faster? Maybe here\'s why...

What's a common every day substance you take that makes you look old faster?


Ask most people this and they may site tobacco or caffeine, they are well known to us all for causing skin cell damage in the aging department, but recent research from Georgia Regents University in the States shows that actually Salt is one of the biggest contributors to aging as far as diet is concerned.
It works like this, inside each of your cells is a chromosome called "Telomeres", these are essentially responsible for protecting the integrity of the cell it inhabits. The higher the intake of salt causes these chromosomes to stutter and shorten and so reduce their ability to protect the cell. This is not fatal or dangerous situation but does lead to the cell degenerating faster and hence making you look older. The Polish and the Americans are shown to be the nations that intake the most salt, now take a long hard look at their older citizens? Frequently they can look considerably older than their years (ok, gross generalisation there but it's a point to make which some of you may recognise).
The world health organisation has since the 90s been telling us all to reduce our sugar intake by at least half and in recent years you would have heard more products as advertised as "low salt". Indeed the awareness of the damage too much salt can do is starting to take a stronger foot hole in society, but still we; as a populous; consume too much salt, maybe this research will appeal to our vanity and finally encourage us to take in less salt.
It is worth pointing out that you can always cook with more natural salt substitutes (like garlic, oregano, basil, theme and parley - it is highly recommended) if you can't do that then at least switch to "sea salt" this at least contains minerals and magnesium which is good for you, but don't treat this as a green light to use this in excess as well, it's still salt.



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