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Alanis Morrisette

The 90s singer sensation has gone off radar these days. Is she still around?


In the 90s you could hardily walk into a lively young pub without at some point hearing the song"you oughta know" booming out, indeed in the 90s she had a knack of producing music the truly resonated with young people but not within the Spice Girls loving community, her music was genuine, had something to actually say and was without doubt thoroughly credible. She herself was a little bit annoying (just watch the "ironic" video for proof) but it didn't matter to the music consuming community, her tunes were good.
These days she has vanished, the question is is she gone or is it just the music jounos and media that lost interest? The decline started to assert itself after the artistically disappointing "Thank you", the feeling was; how can you do something as cool as Jagged Little Pill" and then knock-out something as naff and pretentious as "Thank You" after this album the music media seem to loose interest in her. But Alanis is a true artist and wasn't about to pack up and quit on the back of one disappointment. She actually proliferated into film and TV (turning up in the Jay and Silent Bob films, and Sex and the City on TV- a bit of a low point ) the tours also carried on as she had amassed a fan base always willing to pay to watch her.
Ultimately while her time in the sun may have passed but she is a sufficiently talented and creative to avoid obscurity. This is perhaps the defining difference between say... Vicky Beckham (no talent but lots of resources) and Alanis Moirrsett, lots of talent and far less resources. The albums keep coming but this time without the limelight to hype them, and that maybe the coolest way to do it.


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