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Jessica Biel

Mrs Justine Timberlake – the Hollywood A-lister of who it's hard to know which way her career is going. Up surly?


Hollywood is effectively a convener-belt, weather its looks or talent - its produce will likely have one or the other, seldom both, either way the conveyor belt will ensure they are eventually moved on. For actresses like Jessica Biel its probably the case she would be in the "looks" basket of those equation. This is not someone who will ever bother the voting academy at Oscar time, but she's been around a while and continues to knock out the films, the question is, is she on her way out or up? Search her name on Youtube and you will find a rather unkind video posted called "Why Hollywood won't hire Jessica Biel anymore". Basically it points out the pattern that when she turns up in a film then that film tends to makes a huge loss, not something that Hollywood will put up with for long.
But here's the thing, being married to Justine Timberlake, a mover and shaker who, love him or loath him, is still bankable (or though his shelf life if pretty apparent) Jessica Biel does still make films, she was in 2 last year, and 2 more this year... but have you ever heard of them? "A Kind of Murder"? "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"? "Bleeding Heart" ? Actually one has to go back to 2012's "Hitchcock" with Anthony Hopkins to find a film she was in that we had heard of.
On the debit side Jessica may have found a new vocation in life though, she owns a restaurant in LA called "Au Fudge", its an idea that we never heard before, basically an up-market health restaurant that is geared towards children, it's still going but took some criticism on opening day for being ridiculously expensive for what it was - serving pancakes at $18 a plate, but given the speed these ventures go under she must be doing something right for now (Britney Spears' restaurant for example was bust inside of a year).
Next she must surly be trying to get a film project going that has some artistic credibility. But so far the prospects of this don't look all that promising. She is currently doing voice work for a cartoon called "Spark" but not much else to speak of.


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