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Nigel Farage

Brittan's Donald Trump. But what next for the losing member of Brexit?

nigel farage

It seems like many many years that this campaign to leave the EU has been going on, or is it more likely that Nigel Farrage has always been able to get endless publicity for his many bizarre claims? Like him or hate him he has the same knack as Donald Trump at getting the headlines, but mostly for making crude sweeping statements that maybe half true but no more than that. On the morning of 24th June Britain voted to leave the EU and essentially cut off his relevance as a voice in national politics, but the question now is will he go away or carry on his tireless quest?

Surprisingly little is commonly known about the man as it goes, he is an ex-city trader who likes to be photographed with a beer and a cigarette in hand; whether he is actually as avid devotee in this pursuit as is shown or merely trying to portray an anti-political-correctness image is anyone's guess. He actually suffered from testicular cancer according to Wikipedia and had an amputation to cure this. On that basis it seems unlikely to us he would still be so devoted to the cigarettes. He has also been married twice, once to an Irish lady and currently to a German lady, again factors that seem slightly at odds to his anti-Europe stance (though of course he would argue he is anti EU/Brussels man, not anti - European in terms of its people) but surly his domestic happiness must in some way be linked to the ability of people to move freely between countries.

So what next for the victorious one? The broadsheets seem to all be unanimous in that he will not be going away anytime soon and will continue to fight for some other narrow minded campaign. What is for sure is that his value in the "after dinner speaking" market will have gone up as will his general invitation on the television circuit (expect him as guest host of "have I got news for you" sometime soon. The campaign may not have assured him UK independence (brexit was always a con in that regard) but it will have secured him elevated celebrity status for some time to come, and with his track record for exploiting his situation for financial gain (he was implicated in complex tax avoidance schemes, expenses fiddling and undeclared "gifts") again all according to Wiki. He will likely go on to out-earn many of his victorious contemporises, but c'est la vie.


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