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So whats so special?

ryan gosling

Watch enough chat shows or read enough tabloids and you will find a pretty constant message dripping through to yourself regarding this particular actor. . . he is "unbelievably attractive" and "talented" or that's what the drip-drip narrative keeps telling us. He is a relative new comer on the block of the big time, ask yourself how many of his films can you name? And the answer is likely to be quite low. The celebrity world is getting very good at this, throwing relatively unknowns at us and assuring us they are successful, talented and sexy, surly its for the paying audience to deicide but apparently less so these days.
Ryan Gosling is clearly quite talented and shown he can do humour better than most (The Nice Guys, is quite funny) but the issue is the disparity between the hype and reality, in Ryan's case his needle seems to be swaying towards "hype". Russell Crowe on the Graham Norton show made a lot of his "sex appeal". Maybe we are missing something here but he's no Brad Pitt, but then maybe tastes have evolved.
His latest film, The Nice Guys, he ishows he is a cool guy who can do comedy, like many other actors out there. In the George Clooney directed "The Ides of March" he showed he could do drama well. He will clearly go on to more good work but the conceit that he's a pin up is better left alone, the fact is there is no future for a film star who makes being a pin up factor the central selling point because tastes change and the audience fades, DeCaprio knew this, after his flick The Beach he went deliberately away from playing the girl fantasy. In fairness Gosling doesn't try and play the "young-dude" of-the- moment game and now that he's settled down to be a father of 2 with actress wife Eve Mendes, he doesn't spend anytime on the cover of the red tops exploiting his fame. In a year or two he will be able to make a film and we will have to hear about another "star" altogether - Ryan can then reflect on what was all that hype about.


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