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Taylor Lautner

The star of the Twilight series has been strangely quite since the franchise ended. What happened to his career?

taylor lautner

The Twilight films were the "Beatles" of films for their time in so much as the crowds that they drew were massive and fanatical beyond description. Its three main stars adorned walls of nearly every girl within a certain age bracket and the debate it generated within always centred on "which one would you rather shack up with, Pattinson or Lautner"? All good fun and the films were quite good as well. But since the series ended Robert Pattinson and Kirstin Stewart both went on to bigger better things, so where is Taylor Lautner now?
The reality is that his star has maybe peaked already, and yet he's only 24 years old according to Wiki. The problem he had was twofold, first he was so totally associated with that franchise that breaking away and doing other stuff had become rather difficult for him, Stewart and Pattinson were able to make credible and successful films whilst still dong the Twilight films and so started to lay the foundations for a career post- Twilight, Taylor didn't do anything credible in between Twilight films (the dreadful "Valentine's Day" only) and so missed the chance to get roles based on his Twilight association. The other issue is he's not exactly the best actor in the world. His one BIG film post Twilight film was "Abduction" – a kind of Bourne film for teens - but it was neither successful  nor was he any good in it getting across-the-board bad reviews for his inability to express any kind of recognisable emotion. The film cost 27 million USD to make and made back less than half of that and Hollywood is not a place that tolerates losses. Paradoxically what he was asking for per-film seemed to be rather high (he demanded 5 million USD per film post Twilight) a lot of money for guy that can't act and whose films generally flop.
His last films were "Run the Tide" and "Tracers" in 2014-15 both of which avoided theatrical releases and these days he turns up affectively mocking himself in the TV series Cookoo - Where it must be said his keenness to have fun and not take himself anyway seriously could be his saving grace. His star may have faded but on the other hand maybe his current output could rejuvenate his career yet.


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