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Tom Hiddleston

With all the press speculation – could this soon be the next bond. He's not denying it.

tom hiddleston

Last week the press got hold of a piece a of gossip and waited no time turning it in to print. What's remarkable is the speed that a obvious piece of fluff gossip got picked up and turned into news. Still for most bond fanatics it's a case of "when" not "if" Tom takes over the role.
So who is this guy? Ask 5 people in the street to name one of his films and chances are they won't know any of them at all... much like it was for Daniel Crag then!
Tom comes from quite a privileged and well stocked up-bringing. Born in Westminster, he was an Etonian educated boy (like Bond) and studied at Cambridge (like Bond) even getting a double first in the classics, this is one clever chap. After being spotted in a production of "A street car named desire" whilst at Cambridge was awarded a place at RADA where he graduated in 2005. His film career to date is more defined by him being is films rather than the film being a Tom Hiddleston project. Despite appearance in the Avengers, Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, the horror film Crimson Peak, and of course The Night Manager, its noticeable that he hardily fills Daniel Craig's shoes for sheer acting ability or charisma, but that might not really matter as he no doubt has the look and can clearly do the job, he has done plenty of theatre and even won awards for his craft (best new comer in the Laurence Oliver awards and a Bafta). He has the look, the pedigree and the public backing to go on and take the role, the money men at MGM would regard him as a safe investment (as good as Idris would doubtless be in the role some would regard him as a financial risk not necessarily worth taking), also Tom is only 35 years old, meaning that were he to get the role there would be a good 10 years of having the look and physicality on his side, Idris is already in his mid 40s which may be a little long in the tooth to pick up on a role that should really need 10 years of devotion before one can be considered to go forward with.
If there is a one question-mark hanging over him for the role it would have to be the physical side of things from a dangerous perspective, Tom hardily looks pysically threateing or like a guy that could do damage, something that even the anti-craig community 11 years ago never had an issue with in DC's early days; so Tom will have to hit the gym a lot if he is to tick that box.
Time will tell if he gets it but for now one thing is for sure that any more internet gossip on DC's departure will almost certainly be just that, gossip. So until you hear it officially our recommendation is to ignore anymore online "exclusives" that make huge claims from the inevitable " source close to Daniel" it will be rubbish.


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