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One stop solution on nutrition

Not keen on vegetables or maybe you have kids who resist whatever you put in front of them. What is the best thing to use in those circumstances?


If you are of a certain age you will have enjoyed watching a cartoon as a child called Popeye. Quite why you liked it may be a mystery to you now but that's by-the by, the point here is to illustrate that even a simple and frankly moronic cartoon from the 50's understood the nutritional importance of Spinach.
We raise it here now as we suspect the value of spinach in your diet could tick so many boxes and yet it has a reasonably benign taste and presence in a dish that it can sail under the radar of your own and children's taste buds. In deed it can mascaraed as salad.
Let's cover the good stuff here. It is very high in vitamin B, C and E (we don't have space to chat you up on why you need that covered but trust us – you do) also its high in iron, magnesium and potassium (these prevent depression – so always useful to have more of), it's also a rich source of anti-toxins so it's good for sorting you out after a weekends drinking.
There is growing research available that shows spinach to be a key factor in supressing cancer cells (and let's not forget we ALL already have those in our system, they are simple not rampant yet) so all-in-all can you afford to be without this gem of a food group.
Last thing to note though is always eat it raw. The scientific facts are that cooking or even heating up reduces their nutritional content by between 50 and 80 percent.


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