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Pino Caravan?

Ok ok so mention caravans to most people and it congers up some pretty un-sexy images and its certainly not a very popular form of travel for everyone. But consider this... the Pino Caravan.


Firstly consider road travel without being at the mercy of hotels prices ! Secondly this form of "accommodation" is currently being designed and built to be as un-combersome as possible ! Yes it might look like a porter loo with wheels but its perfect to store as it only weighs 380kg and is smaller than a car (its only 2.1 metres long) this might seem ridiculous when first considered but I can attest to sleeping in smaller hostels on my travels. They are actually built to house 4 people, obvious only for sleeping but they are equipped with a vertical kitchen and dining table and even have all the luxuries of their bigger counter parts, (sky light, mosquitoes defences, light fixtures etc). This kind of micro development as usual will raise eyebrows in its initial stages but as ever don't be surprised to see this as a more common feature of the holiday routes in a year or two's time, and if you feel like laughing just remember who is laughing when you go to hand over your credit card this summer for the 10th night in a row at some roadside dive.


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