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School preference offers rise again

The number of parents offered a place for their child at their preferred secondary school has risen again from last year.

Nine out of ten parents in the borough have been given one of their top three preferences as Thurrock Council continues to invest in schools.

More than three-quarters of pupils will attend their parents' top choice school, with 76.7% of parents offered their first preference â?? up from 73.4% in 2017. A further one in ten parents were offered their second preference, and 4% of parents were offered their third preference.

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said: "This is fantastic news for parents as more and more are getting their first choice and nearly all get one of their top three preferences.

"Thurrock Council will continue to work with schools, not just expand to provide enough spaces to get by, but to build more secondary schools and give parents a real choice on where they send their children to school."


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