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The "art" of sleep

Take your rest the way Da Vinci did.

Research linking sound-mind and body and the quality of sleep one takes is becoming ever more pronounced. Many people had never heard the term"sleep clinic" until it was raised in an episode of "Friends" over 10 years ago now. But sleep is no longer something that ones talks for granted and research showing how sleep deprivation can destroy immunity and mental heath are now well established.
With this in mind it is worth noting some useful sleep tips to assist you in achieving a perfect nights sleep. We all have our own routines and its not the purpose here to bestow a bunch of tips you could easily google, instead we just wanted to point to a few points of fact regrading Leonardo Da Vinci. The great artist; and inventor lets not forget. He was a big fan of napping and often remarked that it assisted his creative thought, even taking his naps in his painting overalls a few feet from his on-going works. Today we tend to euphemistically call them power naps; but they were also strongly favored by Thomas Edison and their positive effects are now backed-up from research by the University of Düsseldorf .
Their two year study encompassing of 3000 individuals across Germany showed that memory and creative thinking capacity was vastly improved by those subjects who regularly took one (or more) 15 mins nap per day; they were testing on a number of cognitive and creative thinking tasks to reveal the effects.
It is also worth noting that heart disease rate in Spain, which is now on par with much of the rest of western Europe only started to rise once the custom of the afternoon siesta was fazed out in their attempt to homogenize with the rest of the EU, there is no research evidence to back up any strong connection at this point, but in a field of medical research that is as new as sleep-study there are likely to be more revelations to this effect. 


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