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Hugging and the importance of not being pricklely and untouchable.


If you ponder the action of the hug, it is a strange one if you think about it long enough, we do it to loved ones, or sometimes virtual strangers in moments of celebration. S in this regard it is an action that is quite unique, possibly the only action of affection that you would do with both a stranger and a loved one.
But scientist looking into the psychology of hugging are finding it to be a very important part of the hunman experience. In 2006 a man called Juan Mann, in a street in Sydney Australia was; as a sort of media event, giving away free hugs to lonely looking passers, this caused the effects of hugging to be more closely looked at.
not surprisingly people said they felt slightly better, happier and more content after this. and who would disagree with that ? but the science of this is looking at children who are hugged more often than a child who experiences less affectionate moments. there is no great difference in intelligence or any sort of genealogy issues but professor Francis McGlone from John Moores University in Liverpool has concluded that their is definitely a correlation between hugging and children who are less aggressive. He writes that regular hugging stimulates the whats known as the "limbric system of the brain" (we wont/can't explain that bit) but this study is into its second year and the evidence seems to be piling up. so in short hugs = less aggression.
Of course you could rather cynically point to the Italians? always hugging each other, and naturally affectionate culture;  but home to the birthplace of the mafia! but I'm sure this is besides the point. we are happy with the notion that affection = less aggression.


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