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Wine - as a health drink?

How can alcohol be good for you? Look at what your doctor orders at the pub for a start.

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Cirrhosis of the Liver is, according to the NHS, set to be the biggest killer in the UK in the next 20 years overtaking even heart disease (currently the biggest single killer). Most people will have an anecdote about red wine actually being quite good for you, this is indeed medical fact. But here we just wanted to add to this a little with current findings from various research sources.
Firstly it needs to be drunk in moderation. And yes your drink does need to be wine but not necessarily red.
Two small glasses a day provides the blood vessels with what's known as "flaonoids" which opens up the bloods vessels and assists circulation and is in-effect the opposite to what happens when you suffer a heart attack. Doctors can actually take your blood pressure after a glass of wine and actually show you the drop, its that definitive now.
Second point to highlight here is that wine can actually help you lose weight ! Now this is not as well known! but studies undertaken by the university of Purdue in Indiana USA have found that wine actually does help a person lose weight because of something called the Piceatannol in the red grape; which acts as a block to the receptors of insulin in the body's cells that is a chief factor in the production of fatty acid conversion. Put another way red wine stops the bodies cells from turning fatty acids into fat; having said that grapes actually do the same thing as well according to their research so dieters need not start stocking up on Merlot.
These factors are of course good news to the aspiring alcoholics out there but the fact still remains that wine drunk in anything like quantities of more than one to two glasses a day is as bad for you as any other alcoholic drink and will not provide either of these two benefits.


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