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Dodgy tradesmen

Watch out for tradesmen's creative language in tricking you to use them.

dodgy tradesmen
Most of us are aware of the dodgy tradesmen programs where a cockney presenter will dress up with a hidden camera and mike; totally catching out some scamming tradesmen red handed ripping off some poor old lady. They get what they deserve. No problems there. What's not picked up on these programs is the sublet and misleading language that actually most tradesmen use to hoodwink you and I. We are honing in here on the term "Free call out" usually displayed under the title for emergency plumber or electrician and will catch your eye in circumstances when something has broken and you are genuinely in need.
What does "free call out" mean for you? To us and most people the implication is clearly that some smart professional will turn up at your door and spend a small amount of time making an appraisal, tell you what's wrong and then make you a price on how much to fix it. Sound reasonably doesn't it?
Be WARNED. Essex tradesmen have a very different interpretation of this term. As you probably guessed for our tome they have every intention of charging you once they are in your house. Quite what practical advantage "free call out" means to you is lost on us because if they so much as touch a boiler or pipe you can bet that will be £60 for their first hour regardless of what subsequently happens. But hey there is a reason why most plumber drive a nicer car than you isn't there. We called 3 plumbers based in the Thurrock area (we won't name them) but asked what actually means. In each case they assured us that it means they come out to you and investigate the issue completely free. Upon pressing they then conceded that if they actually "start work" on the issue then they will charge you. So what does "start work" imply, again we had to press but it seems as soon as they touch the appliance even for a second, that's them starting work.
Our advice is to use a plumber you know or have had recommended to you but don't pay any attention to their false claim that's its "free call out", that's just them lying to you.


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