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Impulse Leisure in Blackshots

Is it time to concede that you need to take care of yourself more?
Walking around Grays it difficult to not notice how obesity or a general health decline is taking a grip on us in a big way, it's obvious that people are not taking responsibility for theie physical condition.
This week rather than a travel item we are shining a light on Grays local gym at Blackshots sports centre. This may be like asking a vegan to take a job in an abattoir to many people but then it is the end of the beginning of the year, so to speak, a time many of you are in the process of losing grip on your new year's resolution, in point of fact most of you have already forsaken that resolution and now can't even remember what it was, yes? Let us remind you, it probably involved losing some weight, getting in shape and spending less time in from of the TV. Blackshots gym has just finished a brand new re-fit costing over 35k, and now with its posh new machines, weights, lighting and staff (staff that are actually engaged in speaking to and helping everyone) things are now infinity better. Previously some of the staff at this gym were notable for passing their shift just chatting up young pretty girls and totally ignoring the middle aged debutante trying to tackle things, dangerously, on their own, it was all pretty shameful to have to watch.
Thank goodness those seat-warmers and grinning-Essex-wally-bozos are gone and the gym now employs vigilant helpful staff. As well as this has top of the range equipment for all ages and abilities, and this is being reflected in the people now coming here.
This is not just a space for the poser-body-beautiful (though they are always there of course). It's time to shake of the prejudice you have of the gym and give it a try, it's ultimately only you who will benefit.
Next week we will return to local travel days out but for now we urge you to look in the mirror and be honest about what you see.

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